Q Can you create the account again using the same mail address which was once deleted?

A You cannot use the account deleted before. Please read the above points before deleting your account.

Q Cannot receive the confirmation email to the registered address

A We can, but no stamp. Please input your order number, Paypal mail address, Name etc. We will send via PDF format.

Q Can I have a receipt of purchase?

A A3

Q Can we cancel the order?

A You cannot cancel the purchase of electronic book after the order. It is possible to cancel the transaction by both seller and buyer, however all the responsibilities should be taken by the two counterparts

Q Explain about purchase process.

A You can pay the purchase price for electronic books or registration fee only through Paypal. Payment methods for other items should be decided between seller and buyer.

Q Explain about how we can receive the sales proceeds of electronic books and timing of money transfer.

A We will pay the amount which is sales proceeds minus our sales commission (28% x sales price, tax not included) through Paypal. Timing of wire transfer is month-end closing/ next end month payment.

Q I want to translate my manga to sell overseas

A We can introduce translation service; contact us from inquiry page. We can send you the estimate.

Q Can we use translation service only?

A Yes always welcome.

Q Which browsers is GMC compatible with?

A On Windows, we are compatible with Google Chrome. On Mac, Google Chrome and Safari. We recommend to use the latest or previous version.

Q Can we purchase comics from overseas?

A Electronic books can be purchased from overseas, as long as through Paypal account. Other items can be decided by each seller

Q Can we set the sales price by other currencies?

A Currently only by Japanese yen. Maybe in the future.

Q What would be suggested format to upload the comics?

A Currently we accept jpg、png, and gif. The total size should be smaller than 1M.

Q Can we upload the novel?

A Yes. Please select ‘Novel’ in the genre bar.

Q Any cost to upload?

A It is free for electronic books, for other items it is 10 yen (tax included) per item

Q Any limit on sales price?

A Selling price can be set between 200yen and 2,000 yen for electronic books. As an exception, it is possible to set price as zero yen to promote the sales. No such limitations for other items

Q Any other associate costs regarding transactions?

A Bidding system fee will charged; 5% of the sold price (tax not included) per item. This fee will be calculated on 15th of next month, and billed through Paypal at the end of the month. Please note that the fee will be charged in case cancellation of transaction was not made before 15th of next month.

Q What is the fee in case we sold electronic book and other item at the same time?

A Only the fee for non-book item will be charged. Fee for electronic book will not be charged.