In Japan, we have so much hidden energy.
It is the love for creative outputs from creators; amateur comics, Indies comics/ games/ illustrations….
We are hoping to help such Japanese creators to deliver great contents with love and passion not just to domestic readers but also to global readers; by doing so, we could make creators’ future better.
Everything for creators. It is the mission of Global Manga Collection (GMC).

GMC: It is a ‘Select Shop’ of MANGA

Global Manga Collection (GMC) is a new portal site to deliver Japanese new comics to global market. Separately, we plan to deliver important high quality comics from overseas, and introduce them to Japanese readers as ‘Select Shop of MANGA’.

70 years have passed since the revolutionary debut of Osamu Tezuka. We have new environment where everything is digitized, and devices are much more advanced. However Japanese comic industry has never evolved; kept status quo. GMC will re-invent the creation process of Japanese manga and enable creators to express themselves to global readers in various ways.

Please join us to make Japanese comics more global; as creators or readers. We call it ‘MANGA Revolution’.

New Way of creating MANGA

We leaned and adopted Hollywood’s movie production process to Manga creation; this s includes not only production process, but also financing and contracts with creators. We will try to create comprehensive Manga creation environment with long term view, in order to improve the quality of Manga outputs.

Script Writers

What Hollywood would care the most is not CG or movie stars. They are mere components of storytelling. It is always critical to have high quality ‘scripts’ to secure storytelling. We will try to develop original scripts which do not fit in the conventional Manga, rather something to establish new genre of Manga. For example, the story concludes in 1 Season, just like US drama series.


Quality of illustrations fostered by Japanese Manga industry is one of the best in the world we think. We will collaborate with traditional manga artists as well as illustrators to pursue new type of visuals which is suitable for global entertainment.

CG Artists, Concept designers, Stylists and other art staffs

We will try to implement visual effects to manga, by partnering with CG artists who are active in today’s Hollywood industry. We aim to deliver entertainment experience matched with current digital world. We will try to establish manga as the comprehensive entertainment, by collaborating with professionals in lighting, costumes, arts etc which are all important to visualize creators’ vision.

Manga Producers

In order to embody the concept of manga in the best way, manga producers will team up members and control the process and quality, as if movie producers.


We will form partnership with foreign publishers and distribute made-in-Japan works globally.


We will change the existing Japanese royalty system and try to create Win-Win among all the stakeholders including creators, productions, and investors. Conditions for secondary use such as movie or license will be based on that of Hollywood.

Production Environment

We will promote ‘White Schedule’ and try not to push too tight deadlines since series of overnight works will eventually lead to lower quality of output.

In this new system, you do not have to do everything yourself. You can upload your works in the category you feel most confident (e.g. illustration or script). Our producers will contact you to launch new production process. Of course, you can upload your finished manga.